We Offer a wide range of dog related services. you can find all the details below.

  • Dog Grooming
  • Collection and Drop Off
As per our name, we cater for all breeds of dog. We offer a quality service at competitive prices. We use all natural shampoos specially designed for different coat types. Dogs are thoroughly groomed out, properly bathed and dried, toe nails cut to the correct length, ears plucked and cleaned and coats scissored and/or clipped to the breed specification and the requirements of the owner.
On collection, your pet is greeted and his/her general condition assessed. At this time we can discuss how best to groom, trim and tailor his/her coat according to their breed and lifestyle. Please tell us anything you may think is important to your dog's well being.

We Provide the following services in a general Groom:
Brush Out:
This is the first of many steps to get you dog looking its best, dogs need regular brushing, even those with short hair, it promotes a healthy coat. De-tangling / de-matting coats can take anything from 5 minutes to several hours. Bathing a matted coat will result in the hair becoming more tightly entangled. This means it can become stressful and unkind to subject your pet to hours on the grooming table, in which case we may suggest a shorter trim to make the day at the salon much more pleasurable for your dog and more practical to maintain at home.

Nail Trimming:
Most dogs need their nails trimmed from time to time, long nails can be of great discomfort to dogs, making it difficult to walk and in some severe cases causing ingrown nails and causing the toes to turn out.

Ear Cleaning:
Yet another part of grooming that owners do not always wish to do at home but a very important part of grooming, to avoid ear infections and to detect any problems with the ears, we remove dead hair from the ear canal and clean the ear itself.

Bathing and Blow Drying:
All dogs who visit All Dogs Great and Small are bathed and fluff dried thoroughly. We use special dog shampoos that best suit the individual coat type. This means using a shampoo with herbal extracts for the dogs with normal skin. We also use medicated shampoo for dogs such as Westies that suffer with irritated and inflamed skin. We use bright white shampoo to brighten up the white on all types of coats. We use insecticidal shampoo for dogs affected by fleas, conditioning treatments for dry or damaged coats, and for dogs that suffer with more serious skin problems veterinary prescribed shampoos can be brought along and we will use them on the individual dogs.

If your dogs hair needs to be clipped into a particular style this will be done or in the case of full coated pets the coat is carefully combed to ensure it is matt free. Each dog will have their hair styled to the breed standard or to the owner preference. For cross breeds, there are many great styles that will have your dog looking fabulous!
All Dogs Great and Small also offer a 'Puppys First Groom' service, This service is especially for the new addition to your family and is an excellent way for the dog to get used to visiting the groomers.
The experience will start with the puppy getting lots of reassurance, love and attention. The puppy will then be brushed, washed and dried. Nails and ears will also be checked and attended to if necessary. For their first couple of visits, we will take the procedure slowly and calmly allowing your puppy to become familiar with the equipment and sounds and relax into the experience and environment. They will learn and associate a trip to All Dogs Great and Small as a positive and fun experience.
This service is for all puppies under 6 months old and all Puppies must be vaccinated before attending.

Please do not allow your dog's coat to become badly tangled, knotted or matted. Your dog should be brushed between grooming appointments and unless very short haired, should not be bathed unless you are confident enough to blow-dry without matting the coat. This is not for the groomer's benefit. De-matting can be painful and very stressful for the dog. If your dog is very matted, it is kinder and more humane to clip the entire coat off to the skin and let it grow back.  Please brush your dog with a slicker brush between grooms and get them used to having their paws, ears and other potentially sensitive areas touched. This makes the grooming process and visits to the vet easier and less stressful for your pet.


Collection and Drop Off
For all of our services, a collection and drop off service is available within a three mile radius.

This needs to be booked in advance and may not be available during very busy periods, such as Christmas.